Hi! I’m Tanya. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon, and I love this city! It is my goal to live with passion for the things in life that fill my heart and move my soul.

My heart is filled when I am with God, my amazing husband Dan, and our two energetic boys, Will and Sam. My soul comes alive through friendship, learning, and pursuing an active lifestyle through nutrition, dancing, and of course running!

Like so many others, I never pictured myself as a runner. For thirty-two years I struggled with a low metabolism, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of physical activity. But three years ago I made some big lifestyle changes and in the process found a hidden identity as a runner, as well as comfort in my own skin. It is my hope that you too can find what moves you.

Tanya's Running Story...

Jodi Stilp makes her home in scenic Newberg, Oregon, and has the privilege of sharing life with her extremely funny husband and her passel of kids.  Once a college athlete, Jodi lost sight of anything athletic when God blessed her with four children in four years.  When she started running it reshaped her body, soothed her soul, and taught her to dream again.

Jodi prefers to run for the simple pleasure of feeling the wind on her face and the sweat on her brow, but is learning to appreciate the speed that comes with following a training schedule.

Jodi’s heart is to encourage women to run after their dreams and into the arms of the One who sets her heart free.

Jodi's Running Story...

Carissa von Koch is married to Tass, her Prince Charming and makes her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Together they are raising three boys to share Daddy’s love of soccer and Mommy’s love of running. Enthusiastic about training schedules, Garmin data and all things running-related, Carissa has been training for half marathons and marathons since 2010. Dreams that once seemed out of reach have become reality through consistent hard work, including a 3:24 Boston marathon. Carissa hopes to share her passion for faith-filled running and friendships on this blog.

Carissa's Running Story...


  1. Wow this blog is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  2. Somehow I came across your blog today and am so happy I did! I'm also a fellow Pacific Northwesterner (is that a word?!) and live in Portland. I am looking forward to following you all along on your journeys with running, each other and with your faith. :)