Have you ever made the mistake of running on an empty stomach? Your body feels heavy and your feet slow. What should be easy is terribly difficult. Our bodies need fuel to run effectively.

Life mimics running. Some days are fast and easy, while others are long and arduous. To run through life effectively, we need to fuel our souls.

As followers of Jesus, we believe there is power in God’s Word, power in prayer, and power in the encouragement and accountability that comes through our Soul Sisters.


  1. Hi Ladies! So excited to read your blogs -- we have so much in common! I too love to run and to share what God has to say to me when I am running. I wrote Running by THE BOOK, a half marathon training program and Bible study. I write a blog as well, check it out, if you are interested in reading what I am all about.
    www.runningbythebook.com or www.facebook.com/runningbythebook
    I was just out in Oregon, I ran the Queen of the High Roads half marathon in May. It is beautiful out there! I look forward to following you...

    1. Thanks Corrine for your link and for your comment. Next time you're in Oregon, let us know and we'll all go for a run together!

    2. I read her book and enjoyed every single page! I have never been so excited to read a devotional in my life. For me running and spiritual Fitness are closely tied together. This devotional carried me through a super lonely training period in the winter when I was training for a 1/2 marathon, 25 mile bike, and 2 1/2 mile paddle. The author of this book and I became best friends and she doesn't even know it!!:) I highly recommend this running devotional. Becky

  2. Corinne,
    I just found your website last week and mentioned it to my sole sisters. When I was on your site I recognized the similar passion we share for the Lord, running and encouraging women. I'm so glad you found us and I'd love to read your book at some point in the future.