Random Abs? ABS...olutely!

by Carissa
As much as I loved the changes running had made to my body, I still had a major weak area.  I logged mile after mile and had strong, toned legs but my core remained weak and flabby.  It had been that way since baby #1 arrived.  Then Baby #2 came along - all ten pounds five ounces of him!  Add stretched out to flabby and weak and you would have my stomach.  
I tried again and again to add core exercises to my routine without success.  I have heard that core strength is important to a runner and that it makes them faster but I never felt like I had enough time to make it happen.  I would get my run in and it would be time to shower up and get on with my day.  After the Eugene Marathon in April my legs needed a break.  During this time, Nicole from I Dream of Running... posted to Facebook that she was going to start doing the Random Abs workouts.  She invited her "friends" to join her.  Nicole has the most amazing set of abs I’ve seen on a mom.  I was inspired and decided to give it a try.  I also invited some friends and family to join me.  Some said no thank you but others said yes.  Some stuck with it, others did not.  An accountability partner has always helped me to establish a new habit.
At the track working my core with sole sisters Jodi and Becky

I have used Random Abs six times a week for three months.  I love the program and I think you will be pleased with it also.  The website is clear and easy to use.  Each day the site generates a new random core workout.  These workouts are accompanied by pictures, videos and text to explain each exercise should you need it.  The daily workouts only take around ten to fifteen minutes to complete.  You can sign up to get the workouts via email, Facebook or Twitter.
Just click on the exercise for a demonstration video.

Random Abs is the program that helped me to finally develop a habit of exercising my core.  In the beginning my workouts were challenging but doable.  I enjoy that the routine is different every day.  The website is easily accessed on my iphone and allows me to do my workout at the gym, at home, at the track or while on vacation.  Because the workouts are short I always feel like I have time to squeeze them in.  The fact that  I notice newfound muscle definition and strength makes me excited to keep up the routine.  When I receive the daily email in my inbox, I let it sit there as a reminder until I do the exercises.
Increase the fun factor by doing these with friends.

Warning: In case you, like me, were hoping core strengthening will make your stretch marks go away, it won’t.  Bummer huh? ;) 

I could have shown you my abs with their blend of new muscle definition and stretch marks but really this post is NOT about looking a certain way or having a chiseled set of abs.  It IS about good habits.  Good habits produce results over time.  Be faithful in your habits and you will see the change too.  I am three years into a lifestyle of running half and full marathons.  Though my weight has changed little on the scale, my body keeps changing and getting stronger. If you are looking to develop a habit of strengthening your core, I hope you will check out this website and see whether it's your next new good habit.

Tell us sole sisters: have you used Random Abs?  What do you think of it?


  1. Way to go Carissa! You inspire me and always push me to go harder, longer, faster, better. I love you!

  2. I am excited to check out this website! I need some consistency in core work and could really use my free weights a bit more too.

    10#5oz ..wow. All I can say is WOW. God made you to do an incredible thing.

    Loved the photos of you three. Abs look solid, but my- LOOK at Jodi's shoulders!

    1. I hear you on the free weights. Now that I've developed a habit of core work I'm hoping that will carry over into free weights. (I just finished using them in fact.)
      You are right about Jodi's shoulders! She's got such a beautiful muscular build.

  3. Oh I'm excited to ck out the website... My pooch is the one thing I cannot get a 'handle' on ( ha, no pun intended)