Krista's Fantastic Flyers - Girlfriends Half Marathon 2012 Recap

by Jodi

Carissa did a really great job summarizing the Girlfriends Half Marathon in her race recap.  It is always such a gift to train and race with Carissa.  Her friendship and athleticism have propelled me to achieve things I didn't know were possible.  We all need Sole Sisters.

This race was special for me.  Not because of my finish time (which I was thrilled with), but because it was a day to celebrate a friend who left this earth too soon.  I posted my race recap on my personal blog.  You can find it here.

What about you?  Have you run a race in honor of a friend or loved one?  Did it help with your grief?  Would you share with us?


  1. I have never ran a race in memory of a loved one, I might have trouble breathing because I might get emotional. I love that you ladies did though! There is a small race down here that is a tribute to a young man who died in combat. He had been my student about 10 years ago. If they have it again, I might consider participating.

    1. Thanks Raina. The run for your former student sounds awesome.