Encouragement from our Kids

by Katie (10 years), Lukas (8 years), Sam (3 years), and Will (8 years) with a little help from Jodi

Katie (my daughter) has a weekly writing assignment in 5th grade. This week she had to write an "ode to something." After much thought, she chose to write about running. I thought her poem was AH-MAZE-ING, but isn't that right up there on the top requirements of the Mom job description? 

Katie doesn't actually run that much, so I was surprised to read in this poem how much she really enjoys it. Most of her "running" is around the backyard, on the playground, on the soccer field, or around the bases of the softball field. She wants to run a 10k this summer though so she'll need to log some miles with her Mamma to do that well.

With that said, I was totally encouraged by her sweet and talented poem. I hope you are too.

Alli and Katie on a training run last summer for a 5k they ran.

Ode To Running
by Katie Stilp, age 10

Oh running how you are my favorite thing to do.

You make me feel happy and glad as if I almost flew. 

I can't express how much I love you running.

You are one of the things I can’t live without.

As I run I feel muscles getting stronger.
My hair flows in the breeze as the trail keeps getting longer.
The world passes by so quickly.
As my brain begins to wander.

Running tires me out.
But sometimes that’s what running is all about.
When I’m running I always want to shout.
But when I have to stop I really want to pout.

Running oh what would I do without you?

And then there's Lukas (Carissa's son). Carissa is running a half-marathon this weekend as part of her Boston marathon training program. I know it's going to kill her to not be able to race it on rested muscles and with 100% effort. The course is hilly and will necessitate a slower racing strategy. Even with her held back pace, I think she'll still place high in the event. Lukas thinks she'll win.
Lukas and Carissa after a Turkey Trot they ran together

He drew this adorable picture yesterday. Regardless of whether Carissa actually breaks the tape or not, "Mom von Koch" is a winner in his mind.

Lukas' drawing of Carissa winning the race

Tanya has been injured and hasn't been able to run much.  She has been going to the gym though and bringing her son Sam with her.  Three mornings a week they head to the gym and Sam really loves going.  Each morning he asks Tanya, "Is this a gym day?"  Tanya said, "There have been many times when I have thought about skipping my morning workout.  But when Sam gets wind of it, he practically throws a fit.  There's not much more motivating than averting the fit of a three-year-old boy!"

Tanya's older son Will loves nature and the outdoors.  To encourge and support him in this interest, she signed him up and became a leader of his Campfire Classic Club group. It's been three years now and Tanya has found that her experience as a Campfire leader has developed a greater love for nature and outdoor activities in her.  She has been "inspired and challenged to get outside and be active with her great group of Campfire kids." 
Tanya and Will at Campfire's Camp Namanu
What about you Sole Sisters? If you have kiddos, do they embrace running and fitness like you do? Have they encouraged you in any cute or funny ways lately? If so, won't you share with us?


  1. My kids like to talk about running with me. They go for a block & then need to retire. Mostly, they love to ride their bikes while I run. I love that too because we can exercise together. My 8 yr old is the funniest, He has it in his brain that if he runs a lot & is good he'll get a running scholarship for college. Not sure where that idea came from, but I'm all for it if he can make it happen (ha). I guess he'd have to start running for that to happen. :)

    1. Hi Debbie. I like it when my kids ride their bikes when I run too. It usually means a slower pace, but I love the conversations that emerge when side-by-side. And I think it's awesome that your son is dreaming big. Here's to hoping he gets that running scholarship!