Learning To Be Content In All Things

By Tanya

What do you do when your body and mind do not align?  Runners know this all too well.  That point when you push your body to go further or faster but your mind fights every step of the way.  Your mind plays on your doubts and tells you to give up.

It is at this point when we have a choice. We can allow our mind to become our enemy and lead us to defeat.  Or we can replace those doubts with hope and will our bodies to move forward to victory. Each time we push through, we find that we strengthen both our body and our mind.
Jodi's oldest daughter Katie finishing a 5k in a full out sprint. 
This is what I love about running. Running is just as much mental as it is physical. I am reminded of this time and time again when I spectate at running events and runners of all ages and abilities will themselves across the finish line.

Running has not only helped to transform my body but also my mind. From running I have gained a mental stamina which is being tested once again, ironically by not running.

I am yet again at another crossroad where my body and mind do not align.  I have the mental desire to run but my body is not ready yet.  It has been a long road to recovery for me and I am still do not have any clear answers or indication when it will end. I can let my mind go down the way of defeat, or I can choose to hope and persevere.

Whether running towards my next PR or just running through life, challenges and set backs will inevitably happen.  To give up and wallow in self pity would be easy, but as my Sole Sister Carissa says, "I choose hard."  I choose to count my blessings and learn to be content in all things.

My Sole Sister Jodi has recently been sidelined as well with a stress fracture in her foot.  She was more than half-way through a marathon training program and was forced to let go of both the marathon and two other planned races. Jodi has found that choosing to have an attitude of gratitude has helped her to find peace in her time of rest.  She recently wrote about it on her personal blog and beautifully expressed the challenge yet importance of learning to rest. I hope you find it as encouraging as I did.

Even after a harsh winter; spring brings forth new life.
What about you Sole Sisters?  Has running helped you develop mental stamina that has helped you in other areas?  How do you find peace through the challenging seasons of life?


  1. I love this post! I can relate to many parts of it. First I must say that I love that picture of Jodi's oldest daughter sprinting it in! What great form! :-)

    I remember when I found out I had a stress fracture (the week before the Boston Marathon is 2011) and how devastated I was. It is so humbling to be broken physically and mentally. My advice to Jodi and you as your body recovers is to be patient. (Easier said than done, I know.) Trust the process! You WILL heal and in the mean time you are training your mind by thinking positive and not letting self doubt get you down. This will come in handy around mile 23 of a marathon I promise! :-)

    1. Thank you Tia. I'm realizing there are definitely good lessons learned in practicing patience. Sorry to hear you've done the stress fracture thing too. It's a long, slow road back but I'm glad we have a plan. That helps me break it down into manageable pieces.