I'm Back... Running Again After a Stress Fracture

by Jodi

Last week I went back to my orthopedic doctor for another x-ray and a bone density scan.  I was praying for a perfect scan, a healed bone, and permission to ditch the boot.  Praise Jesus!  I got YES's to all those requests.

The doc said he's never seen a bone density result as good as mine.  It literally was perfect!  I don't have to worry about future stress fractures due to weak bones.  His best guess as to why my strong-as-an-ox bone broke taking a step on a run is that I planted my foot wrong and it was a freaky accident.  The x-ray revealed all sorts of new bone growth - apparently a good sign of healing and regeneration.  These test results allowed me to ditch the boot permanently!  HOORAY!

Thank you all for praying.  I was so humbled by the outpouring of love I received after my injury.  SO many of you reached out to tell me you were praying for healing and peace over my mind as I practiced resting.  I know some of you were praying for instant healing, but God chose a different route.  The end result is still the same:  a foot that is healing and strong healthy bones.  Hallelujah!

I ran vicariously through my husband, making him run my favorite eight-mile training run through the foothills.  I was the Water Sherpa.
I was put on a very restricted Back to Run plan.  It works in three day increments for a maximum exercise time of thirty minutes, with increasing run:walk ratios.  Within two weeks, I'll be back to unrestricted running.  I just need to LISTEN TO MY BODY and scale back if my foot is feeling puny.

The first day back on the run, I ran with my nine-year-old daughter Alli.  I foolishly tried to push the first minute of running longer.  She stopped on the sidewalk, put her hands on her hips and said in her bossiest voice, "Mom.  If you take one more step, I will use your phone and call the doctor myself."  And that was the end of pushing the envelope.  I've been a very stellar, by-the-book patient ever since.
Alli, on our run together.  She's such a trooper.

Midway through my Time in the Boot, I sent Carissa a whiny text message.  She replied with this profound note.  "Jodi, the Lord always uses setbacks and disappointments for good.  May you await His good with anticipation."  It was exactly what I needed to find ways to rejoice during this season of rest.  I wrote her note out on a 3x5 card and taped it to my cupboard door.  Whenever I was tempted to throw myself a pity party, I re-read Carissa's note and changed my perspective.  (P.S.  We all needs friends like Carissa!)
Carissa's note on my cupboard door
Here is some of the "good" I already see coming out of this disappointment.

Biking is not too bad, especially if you're doing it with a handsome Bearded Man (who I am happy to report is now freshly shaven).

  1. In the grand scheme of my life, seven weeks in a boot are like a drop in a bucket.  If I'm honest, I think my body needed the rest.
  2. I remembered I like riding my bike and have enjoyed some really great rides.
  3. I can tolerate swimming.  While I am painfully slow, I still know HOW to swim.  I hope to "compete" in a triathlon this summer since I'm kind of in a swim/bike groove.
  4. I have a fresh appreciation for pounding the pavement, breaking a sweat, and feeling the sun on my shoulders.
  5. I am reminded again of the restorative value of living a balanced life - planning for and embracing seasons of rest in addition to seasons of intensity.
  6. Instead of being a training partner for my husband's race I've been his personal Water Sherpa and loved every minute of it.
this guy is ready to run 13.1 miles
God is using the disappointment of my stress fracture for His good.  (Big surprise there...)

My husband Curt runs his first half marathon on Saturday.  The original plan was for me to run with him the entire way, but obviously that won't be happening.  Our revised plan is to bring in Ringers.  Many of his friends and our family are signing up to run parts of the race course with him.  The kids and I will fill the role of Main Cheerleaders.  If I'm lucky, I'll run the last mile or two into the finish with my Man.  How cool will that be?

I'm back...  running again after a stress fracture!  And I'm so grateful.

Thank you Sole Sisters for your love, prayer and support.  You girls are awesome!


  1. I am glad to hear that you are back to running again. Even though injuries are not fun and we we whine a lot we always learn from them and come back stronger.

    1. Hi Tasha. Thank you for your long-distance support and encouragement. I appreciate it so much!.

  2. So happy to hear you are back in running shoes and that your scans looked so great! I spent most of last summer in a boot so I can relate to what you just went through. You'll be back again in no time but definitely listen to your body and take it easy. And enjoy every step of your runs!! :)

    1. I'm sorry to hear you spent last summer in a boot. BOO! That must have been really hot too. Thank you for your encouragement and good reminder to take it slow.

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