Kelly C/D Bra from Skirt Sports Review

by Jodi

We've reviewed products by Skirt Sports before because their company is run by women athletes and they make fun, high quality gear for women athletes.  What's not to love?

Recently Skirt Sports introduced a line of sports bras.  They rolled out three different bras:  the Sabrina A/B Bra ($50 retail value) the Kelly C/D Bra ($60 retail value), and the Jill DD Bra $65 retail value).  

I ordered a Kelly C/D bra just as I entered the thick of a marathon training schedule.  I knew I'd be running high mileage over a six-day-a-week training schedule.  I needed to have bras in my aresonal that could provide adequate support and NOT chafe.  Here's my assessment of the Kelly C/D bra.

PRICE:  The price point at $60 is higher than what I typically pay for a sports bra.  However, I have never bought a cup-specific sports bra before and they tend to be more expensive.  This price is right in line with the well-made, every-day bra I recently bought at Nordstrom.  I look at a good bra as an investment worth making, but I also love a good deal.  I'd give the price a 3 out of 5 stars.  **Skirt Sports often offers online sales so there is a chance this bra could eventually be purchased at a cheaper sale price.

SUPPORT:  My initial thought when I opened my Kelly C/D bra was, "Whoa Nelly!  This bra is GINORMOUS!" And it is.  There is nothing sexy about this bra.  It covers a lot of skin and fits more like a straightjacket than a bra.  However, the reason it fits like a straightjacket is because it has exceptional support.  The girls were not going ANYWHERE in this bra.  When you're running, that's a great feeling.  The Kelly C/D gets a five out of five for support.

DESIGN AND COMFORTABILITY: The Kelly C/D bra definitely could use some more Research and Development in this department.  The bra felt large, cumbersome, and generally uncomfortable.  The seams were rubbing the wrong way, I was scratching at my back where the straps clipped together, it didn't feel soft on my skin and I couldn't wait to get it off.  Clearly these are not good things.

But then I started running.  I expected to be miserable, but a few steps into my run I forgot all about how burdensome the bra was.  It was like it magically transformed into a super comfy, super supportive bra.  Until I stopped running and then I was all itchy and twitchy again.  

I found the strap system to be confusing and not user friendly. The bra boasts of adjustable straps that can be worn traditional style or criss-cross, but I spent a good twenty minutes in my bathroom contorting myself into a pretzel trying unsuccessfully to wear the bra with the straps crossed.  

The bra's straps adjust and attach via velcro, an idea that I don't love.  What happens when the velcro gets tired and wears out?  I asked the Skirt Sports rep this question and she pointed me to the replacement straps - called Bra Bling.  Available for sale in fun patterns for $15 these straps are an affordable option to sustaining the longevity of the bra.  They are also a fun option for women brave enough to work out in just their sports bra.

Overall, I was disappointed with the design and comfortability of this bra.  I'd give it a two out of five in this category.  

HEADLIGHT PROOF:  I haven't truly tested my Kelly C/D bra in really cold weather, but from the times I've worn it, it appears to be well designed for modesty and good coverage.  I'd give it a four out of five in this category.

SIZING:  Skirt Sports nailed it on the sizing of the Kelly C/D bra.  It fit exactly the same as my regular, cup-sized bras.  They get a five out of five for accuracy in sizing.

CHAFING:  This was the biggest and most pleasant surprise of this bra.  I expected it to chafe since it was so uncomfortable, but the exact opposite happened.  The longer my training runs, the more supported I felt.  I logged twenty miles in two days and didn't have even a hint of chafing.  My Kelly C/D bra will be the one I reach for any time I've got a long-distance run ahead of me.  A huge five out of five in this category.

My overall assessment of the Kelly C/D bra is a three.five out of five rating.  The bra has some really awesome features that redeem the design/comfortability issues that I had.  It met my criteria for good support and no chafing, something I needed during marathon training.  I'm glad to have one in my drawer and will reach for it any time I'm going on a long run.

I sent my feedback to Skirt Sports and gathered some really helpful information in return.  Here's what their Bra Expert and Clothing Designer shared with me.

1.  The scratchy fabric is the Stabilizer.  This is what helps keep the girls in place without squishing them together.  It feels scratchy because it doesn't stretch.  It will soften the more you wash it. (I have noticed that the fabric is getting softer now that I've washed the bra several times, but I still find it itchy.)

2.  To get the bra on with the straps crossed, you pull it over your head and then do the back closure.  (I tried this and still had trouble.  However, I'm not known for being great with mechanical things so I could be the problem here.)

3.  My concern about the Velcro seems unwarranted.  A Skirt Sport employee has been wearing the same bra since May 2012 to test the Velcro and it's still soft and working effectively.

4.  All bras lose their support after six months to a year of wear.  When they lose their support, they often start to chafe.  This is why your once beloved bra seems to turn on you at some point.  Bras aren't designed to last forever, so replace your bras often.

5.  Every time you put on a bra (regular or sport) you should do an ice cream scoop to get your breast into the cup.  Who knew?

If you are one of our Sole Sisters that need support over fashion you will want to try Skirt Sports new line of bras.  I think you'll be glad you did.

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