I'm in Love... Skirt Sports Redemption Run Short Review

by Jodi

I'M IN LOVE... and I want to tell the entire world about my Redemption Run Shorts from Skirt Sports.  Summer has officially wrapped Portland in its warm, sunny embrace.  Cool mornings and evenings are sandwiched between warm, non-humid, sunny days.  It's a great time to be alive.  And a great time to be running.  I am thrilled to be back pounding the pavement and soaking in the sunshine.

This spring Skirt Sports rolled out a new line of running shorts including the Redemption Run shorts.  Carissa received a black pair and fortunately for me, her order was shipped to my house.  It was love at first sight.  I called Carissa and asked her if I could break her shorts in for her.  The crazy thing?  She said "Sure."  Now that is true friendship!

I logged seventeen miles in two days and the Redemption Run Shorts did not disappoint.  I was so sad to wash and deliver them to their rightful owner.  Once the weather got warm I ordered my own black pair and was thrilled to recently receive them.

The official product description from the Skirt Sports website says this:  "Our Redemption Run Shorts are designed with lightweight and wicking fabric that has UV Ray sun protection of 30+.  These new run shorts offer built-in Spankies with full cheek coverage.  Soft leg binding and a bonded inseam help protect against chafing.  The wide, four-way stretch tummy panel features a hidden interior pocket and gives full coverage in all the right places."  

I am IN LOVE with these shorts.  Here's why.  

LENGTH:  These shorts are short, but they still feel modest.  The Spankies give great coverage and I can run confidently without worrying about my booty hanging out the bottom of the shorts.  The light-weight outer shell fits snug, but not skintight.  I can wear these shorts to the grocery store or on a hike and not feel immodest.  I also LOVE that the Redemption Run Shorts are short enough that no fabric gets caught between my legs when I run.  FIVE out of FIVE stars for length.  
front view
back view - note pocket
**I would be foolish to think that every woman will like the length of these shorts.  Women who don't like exposing their legs or prefer longer shorts will not like these shorts.**

FIT:  The Redemption Run shorts run big.  Carissa and I both typically wear a size small, but we ordered XS in these shorts.  The XS fits perfectly.  Make sure to order a size down.  Since I've given birth to four children, I also really appreciate the "wide, four-way stretch tummy panel."  These shorts just feel like they were designed for my body shape. FOUR out of FIVE stars for fit.

COMFORT:  These shorts are SO comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them. They are my favorite pair of shorts by a landslide.  I wear them to run.  To hike.  To kick-around.   It irritates me when they are dirty.  I even wore them to swim in the pool of a waterfall with my son.  They stayed in place and dried quickly and will be immortalized forever by this awesome picture.   FIVE out of FIVE stars for fit.
Grant and I after swimming in the pool at the base of Oneonta Falls
CHAFING:  I've covered some significant ground in my Redemption Run shorts and I haven't experienced even a hint of chafing.  FIVE out of FIVE stars for chafing.

STYLE:  I LOVE the black Redemption Run shorts.  Classic in every way, they will never go out of style and they go with everything.  With that said, the other two options (Blue Horizon and Oasis Print) are offset with a wide, black panel.  Tanya tried on the Blue Horizon shorts and commented that the front and back panel style made her feel like she was wearing maternity shorts, it also may have to do with the fact that they were one size too big though. I personally would love to see Skirt Sports ditch the two-tone panel and bring in some other solid color choices and/or patterns that don't have the contrasting band.  FOUR out of FIVE stars for style.

PRICE:  The Redemption Run black shorts are full-price at $50, while the Blue Horizon and Oasis Print are on sale for $43 per pair.  This is exactly the same price that Nike charges for their running shorts and I like the Skirt Sports Redemption Run shorts much better.  I paid full price without batting an eye.  All the Skirt Sport gear I have is long-lasting and high quality.  Most of it still looks brand new after three or four years of consistent wearing, washing and hang-drying.  Because of Skirt Sports' track record of producing quality gear, it doesn't bother me to pay $50 for a pair of shorts.  I know I'll be wearing them for years to come.  FIVE out of FIVE stars for price.

OVERALL ASSESSMENT:  I'm in love with these shorts.  I hope Skirt Sports eliminates the two-tone panel and comes out with more solid color options because I'd love to own more than one pair.  FIVE out of FIVE stars.  Thank you Skirt Sports!

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