Tanya's Kitchen: Cookies For Breakfast!

By Tanya

As much as I love the warm sunny days of summer and am sad to say goodbye, my sadness doesn't last too long when the Oregon trees burst into vibrant colors. The wind starts to pick up and all of the smells of Autumn swirl through the air. Then just like that, my heart is given over to the Fall.

Away go the shorts and flip flops and out come the boots and coats to usher in that warm coziness.  This change doesn't just happen in my wardrobe. It happens in my kitchen as well.

I love the spicy sweet flavors that come with the Fall season. Being able to snuggle inside with a chai tea latte and maple/cinnamon treat makes the first pitter patter of what is guaranteed to be the next six wet months of Oregon rain, totally bearable.

As I prepare to hibernate, I become fully aware that if I am not careful my active summer body can easily turn as doughy as all the treats I'll be craving in the upcoming months. So with that in mind I bring out my trusty Pinterest collection of healthy versions of the foods I love and pack my gym bag.

Last year I came across this fabulous recipe for Vegan carrot/cherry/ginger millet cookies from Joy The Baker that are free of processed sugar and make for good healthy pre-workout energy.

You can't get any better than delicious AND healthy cookies! They are easy to make as well. So what are you waiting for? Time to enjoy the tastes of Autumn.

How about you Sole Sisters? Do you have any traditions or recipes that help you say goodbye to the Summer get into the Fall spirit?

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  1. I have to admit it's very easy for me to say goodbye to summer. I too love the flavors of fall and those cookies. Too bad you didn't invite me over on the day you had a fresh batch made! One dinner recipe I like to make this time of year is this. http://peasandthankyou.com/2012/02/06/coconut-collard-greens-with-roasted-kabocha-squash/
    It's not a hit with the kids but it tastes almost like dessert to me!