Back on Track and Riding Big Waves!

By Tanya

Now that my toolbox is filled with some new and improved strategies for keeping my body in a happy place of balance, I am excited to say that I am finally back on track! Quite literally in fact.
One of the ways that I have found balance is by varying my workouts throughout the week. My typical week now includes: Zumba, swim, cycle, core work and of course running!

I started the year by running slow, short distances and through the example of my Sole Sisters who have been loving the Run Less Run Faster method, I also incorporated one track running workout per week. Normally both of these things would drive me nuts because I do not like to take it easy. But obviously my fast and furious running style of years past was not working for me and I did not want to get sidelined again. I'd rather run slow and smart than not at all. I actually look forward to my track workout days because I knew that I could get at least a few fast miles in, even if I had to walk in between them!

With the help of a new Physical Therapist I have been able to strengthen my core and upper back to have better posture all throughout the day.  I have noticed a tremendous reduction of my hip pain and my back has not locked up at all this year! Once my core became stronger I found that I could incorporate my new posture into my running technique which has left me feeling less sore after each run.

With my commitment to running the Whidbey Half Marathon in April, I knew that I would have to increase my mileage on my long run days.  I have been working to maintain good posture during each run and build up my muscle memory and stamina for the increased mileage. At first it was really challenging. It's like starting to run for the first time all over again. The amount of energy it takes to go slower and focus on keeping proper form when I start to get fatigued actually doubles the amount of fatigue! But usually I find that if I keep pushing on, that wonderful second wind will kick in and by the end of the run I am sailing to the finish on that good old runner's high. In fact last week I was finally able to run with my Sole Sisters again! It was a long time coming and it was fantastic!

We are just a bit happy to be running together again!
A few weeks ago when I was in San Diego I was running on one of my favorite routes along the ocean. Because of the recent storms the waves were abnormally large and really amazing. On the first half of my run I noticed a surfer dude with equipment and a sign for surfing lessons. I normally don't like open bodies of water and I have never in my life felt brave enough to surf.  But God was giving me some gentle encouragement.  I felt particularly confident and strong that day and the ocean was just beckoning me to come in. So on my way back I inquired about a lesson.  Surfer Dude only had one other woman signed up for the next lesson and said I could join them.

So guess what? I did it. I didn't even have a bathing suit or a towel, but I took off my running shoes, said a little prayer, slipped the wetsuit on over my sweaty running clothes and went out to shred some major gnar! The waves were so huge that Surfer Dude told me that in order to ride them I'd need to go "lazy style" and just let them carry me. Me? Lazy style!? Well it took some effort to relax, but I did it! I surfed and it was AMAZING!

I may not be able to race fast and furious anymore but I am blessed to be healthy and to enjoy all that life has to offer. Actually this time off has been a blessing because it helped me to once again see the importance of balance, adventure, and going with the flow. I guess sometimes you need to take it easy and go lazy style to be able to ride the big waves!


  1. Awesome, Tanya! I'm excited to hear about your half marathon coming up!

  2. This makes me so happy to read, Tanya! :)

  3. Thanks Claire and Devon :) It feels really good to be running again! I am looking forward to race day! I'll keep you posted!