Pacific Crest Sports Festival 2015: There's Still Time to Register

by Jodi
My Facebook status earlier this week garnered a few, "You should make that into a blog post" comments.  So here's what I wrote. 
"Eight years ago I was living in Chicago - an exhausted mom of four babies. My husband and I were out of shape and overweight, but planning to meet my family in Sunriver for a big family reunion the weekend of the Pacific Crest Crest Sports Festival - an entire weekend of races in Sunriver. We didn't want to be the only out-of-shape people at the reunion so we started running. It was painful and we were SLOW, but we worked our mileage up to about 4 or 5 miles, hoping to stretch ourselves and run the 10k at Pacific Crest.   
The night before the half marathon, my Aunt Jacque pulled me aside and told me she knew I could run the half marathon. She shoved registration money into my fist and told me to go prove to myself that I was an athlete. 
I had never run more than 6 consecutive miles in my life, and the one time I had done it was two years previous. I would NEVER have believed I could tackle 13.1, but her confidence in me fueled me through every "I can't do this" thought on race morning.
I ran EVERY STEP of that 13.1 miles and sobbed as I crossed the finish line. Three months later, I ran the Chicago marathon and basically have never stopped running since. 
I just registered to go back and run that same course again next weekend. I'm older, fitter and faster, but will probably be just as emotional crossing the finish line. This race literally changed my life and shaped the lifestyle my family now lives. I'm so grateful. ‪#‎whyirun‬ ‪#‎getoutthere‬"
Friends, it's never too late to take that first step toward fitness and good health.  Just start. 
Speed and distance don't matter.  No one remembers that but you anyway.  Be proud of every step you take that makes you sweat and gets you in shape.  It is such an awesome feeling.
And if you live locally, it's not to late to join me at the Pacific Crest Sports Festival next weekend.  I'll be running the half marathon on Saturday morning, but you can come out Sunday and do the 5k or 10k too.  The atmosphere is electric.  The setting breath-taking beauty.  You won't want to miss it.
Find more details on the Pacific Crest Sports Festival website.  I hope to see you out there.

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