Let's Talk Handful

by Jodi

My Handful was part of my race gear for two of the three marathons I've had the good fortune of winning.  The Willamette Valley Marathon in 2014
And the Vernonia Marathon in 2016.
Anyone who reads our blog knows I'm a huge fan of Handful. Carissa stumbled her way into a Handful bra years ago.  She loved hers so much, she told me about them.  One cold marathon in a Handful bra with no chafing and no nipping (sorry boys) and I was a fan for life.

And then I got to know more about the company.  Local. Started by women athletes.  Run by women athletes. Made in the USA.  What's not to love?

I have been wearing Handful bras exclusively since the spring of 2012.  Occasionally I'll try another, cheaper sports bra.  I always regret it.  My Nike bra chafes me bloody every single time, which is a giant bummer since it's adorable with the polka dots and fluorescent swoosh.  My Handfuls only chafe when I refuse to retire them and wear them beyond their shelf life.  I should know better, but I get attached to the bright colors and the memories made wearing them.  I move my Handfuls from Active Duty to Kicking Around Duty to Just Before Bed Duty before I finally contribute them to the garbage.

Handful bras are not just for athletic endeavors.  They are so cute that I wear mine as a swimsuit top and for every day use.  I've all but given up wearing regular bras.  Why wear an uncomfortable regular bra when you can wear a comfy and cute Handful bra?

In the four years I've been wearing Handful, their bras have gone through a few modifications.  They changed the fabric.  Moved production from China to the good 'ol USA. Made the straps convertible and adjustable. Introduced a Handful tank. I've tried and liked every modification. This spring Handful rolled out new products.  I was so excited to try them, and I am NOT disappointed.  Here is my nontechnical take on the new products.

NEW MATERIAL.  All of Handful's bras are being made with a new fabric.  The old fabric was soft, wicking, and felt like swim suit material.  The new bras - like the old - are still wicking but the new fabric is buttery soft and feels more like cotton.  I was concerned that it wouldn't dry very fast, but this fabric dries even faster than the old version, something I appreciate because my bras are drenched by the end of a workout. (Sorry if that's TMI.  I am the Heavy Sweater you wanted for Christmas).  I started with the Booya Black Adjustable Handful Bra (retails for $50) and LOVE it.  It's my first choice every time I head out on a run.
Stock photos taken from Handful's website. I am not modeling bras for the public.  #sorrynotsorry

MORE COVERAGE AND SUPPORT. One complaint I've heard from my athletic friends who are well-endowed is that Handful bras only accommodate up to a C+ cup size. The Y Back Handful Bra (retails for $54) is still labeled for up to a C+ cup size, but it is bigger and more supportive than the adjustable bras.  I think some D cups could get away with wearing this bra and feel very supported.  It definily holds The Girls in place and is great for high impact sports.  I probably would not have tried this bra because I love the adjustable ones so much, but my friend who works for Handful was so excited about this product that she gave me a Lavendare Ya one to try.  I'm surprised how much I love the extra support this style offers and the soft, pretty lavender color.  My Y Back Handful is now my Go To bra for my really long runs. Thank you Handful!
photo taken from Handful's website
NEW TANK TOPS. Handful did away with the Handful Tank and introduced a completely different tank top. Appropriately called the Flippin' Awesome Scoop Tank (retails for $52), this tank is amazing. The tank is made from different material than the bras.  It's soft, wicking, light weight material that dries quickly.  The tank is reversible.  Sound odd?  It did to me too, until I saw the tank. You can wear the scoop to the front or the back.  Both options offer a pretty drape with the extra fabric and show off your Handful bra worn underneath. Aren't they clever?

The Flippin' Awesome Scoop Tank is very flattering.  It's generously cut to camouflage those not-so-smooth areas around the middle.  Plus the looser fit allows air to flow through, keeping me cooler. The tank is butt-covering length so I can wear it with leggings to work out, stop at the store on my way home, and know my assets are well covered.

The only complaint - if you can call it that - I have is that the tank is too cute to work out in. I get compliments every time I wear it.  More often then not I find myself saving my Handful tank to wear for every day life. I'm a photographer (a sweat inducing job when you're chasing toddlers) and I have started wearing my Handful tank on the job.  It's cute and classy, dressy enough to wear to work, and the wicking material keeps me feeling fresher than cotton tanks.  I plan to add a Blue Your Mind tank to my work wardrobe in the fall.

Photo taken from Handful's website

Photo taken from Handful's website
Me wearing it with the scoop forward - 14 miles into a 20 mile run.

And check out that Y Back bra.  Pretty cute.
So there you have it.  The new Handful products are even better than the previous ones.  If you're looking for a sports bra that is comfortable, cute, and can double as an every-day bra, you should definitely try a Handful.  You'll probably never go back.  And while you're at it, grab a Flippin' Awesome Scoop Tank.  They really are awesome.  Thanks Handful for more great gear.

... And if you're looking for a deal, use coupon code ALLDAYHAPPY on Handful's remaining merchandise with the old fabric.  You'll receive an additional 30% off plus free shipping for a purchase price of $25.20.  Mostly XS and S sizes left, but there are a few M and L.  Grab them before they are gone.

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