I Ate Too Much

by Carissa
These were tasty...

I ate too many Christmas sweets and now I have to face the consequences.  I knew while I was doing it that I was going to have to pay for my lack of self discipline with some extra discipline in the near future.  My pants were getting a bit tighter but still I continued to eat too many cookies and indulged in the delights of the season.  
And so were these...

Yesterday I stepped on the scale for a reality check and then hit the trail to ponder my next move.  As I ran the possibility of a running streak crossed my mind.  Jodi has been rocking one and is in the 500s!  I know that she loves it but it does not appeal to me.  It does however appeal to me as a short term focus to reach a weight loss goal.  So starting yesterday I plan to streak until I have lost seven pounds.  (Sidenote: A running streak is running every day a minimum of one mile.)
Who wouldn't want to run here every day?

I'm really happy with my current workout rhythm so I hope to return to it soon.  In the meantime I think the streak will require me to work a little harder and remind me to apply a little more self discipline to my life in order to hit that goal.  Speaking of self discipline, I also plan to cut out sweets with the exception of once a week when I take a Sabbath rest.  After all, it's the darn sugar that got me into this mess to begin with.  I have such a sweet tooth and I find that one way to combat it is to get myself out of the habit of consuming it regularly.  
Over the last six months I've been playing around with fasting.  I've fasted from social media, buying clothes, sweets, eating out and coffee.  Coffee was definitely the hardest!  In my experience it is absolutely essential for me to have accountability partners.  If I make a commitment to myself it's easy to talk myself out of it in a moment of feeling weak willed.  If I tell others, I feel like I'm doing it for myself and to keep my word.  Writing this commitment as a blog is the ultimate in being held accountable!  
Another component to fasting that has worked really well for me is to set a time period.  The set time frame allows me to establish new habits and know that the practice doesn't need to go on without end.  Times that I took an indefinite break from something I noticed I felt lost about when to restart it.  Having a weight loss goal will be my version of a time limit.  Here's to hoping that it doesn't take forever to lose- oh the beauty of getting older!
In the meantime...must resist the left over pecan bars in the fridge!

How about you Sole Sisters?  Anyone looking to start a new exercise routine and/or new eating habits in 2017?  Share with us your plans/goals.

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  1. I love this! I am currently working hard to get rid of a Holiday Food Baby as well. Amanda and I named the "baby" Ralph. I hope he doesn't stick around very long. Good job C. I hope I get to catch some of those streaking miles with you.