By Tanya

Thursday I had the pleasure of joining in the “Summer Run and Fun” track workout with three of my very best running sole sisters, as well as many new running friends.

There was a great turn out with a plethora of kids running and playing around the track, while running mamas and even a papa joined in. As I ran alongside my sole sisters, I was filled with so much joy. What a privilege to be around such a great group of people, all encouraging each other and setting a great example of active lifestyles for our kiddos. While I ran, it occurred to me how blessed I am to be in the company of such wonderful women and how important it is to have friends to help and encourage you as you run through life.

As I pondered each sole sister and what gifts they are to me, I found it interesting to note how each of them encourage and inspire me in different ways.

Carissa, the uphill rock star, is always finding ways to push herself faster and farther. She is dedicated, calculated, and has phenomenal mental and physical stamina. Carissa inspires me to dream big and motivates me to meet any challenge head on and push forward with all that I have.

Jodi, the downhill speedster, seems to float along with ease and grace no matter what life throws her way. Jodi’s laid-back style and amazing ability to run full speed ahead into uncharted waters inspires me to throw my hands up, go with the flow, and see where the road takes me.

Amy, the balanced beauty, is an amazing athlete. She loves to be active and is always finding creative ways to keep her body moving. Running is one of the many athletic activities I enjoy doing with Amy. Whether it is exercising outside, in the gym, or in the water, she is always steadily moving forward. Amy inspires me to live balanced, seize the day, and enjoy where I am in the moment.

Everyone needs friends who inspire, motivate, and challenge them. For those of you who, like me, are introverted and slow to warm up to people, this can be a challenge. But I promise the benefits far outweigh the risks. I truly benefit from my friendship with each of these lovely ladies.

If you do not already have sole sisters in your life, I strongly encourage you to put yourself out there. For those of you who are local, join us for a Summer Run and Fun track workout, or an upcoming running event. For those of you who live further away, check out your local running club - such as our Oregon Road Runners Club - which I will be featuring in an upcoming post. And for those of you who already have sole sisters, count your blessings and be sure to let them know just how much you appreciate them.

Love ya sole sisters!

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