TOGETHER...for the Summer

by Carissa

You may have noticed from our tag line, we Sole Sisters love running through life...together.  During the school year it was easy for Jodi and I, and sometimes Tanya, to drop our school-aged children off and meet for a Monday morning run.  When school wrapped up that routine was no longer an option.  I missed my weekly run with the girls immediately.
From Left to Right: Jodi, Becky, Kari and I along with some of our kids.
If all of our kids were in the picture there would be twice as many! :)

Just as the void of weekly running fellowship sunk in, I received an email from Becky, another running mama I know from school.  She said, "I would love to invite you to join me for Summer Run & Play with you and your kids at the track.  Growing up my dad took my siblings and I to the track with our bikes, trikes, scooters, and sand shovels so he could get his exercise for the day.  My sisters and I have done this for years and it works really well.  I thought it would be a great way for us (moms) to get some exercise and fellowship while our kids play together.  The kids can stroll, bike, run, or play in the sandbox.  Moms can run, walk, or sprint depending on your level of fitness.  I will come with a few workout choices for you to choose from.  I hope you will join us weekly for Summer Run & Fun!"

The first week we brainstormed about getting the kids to exercise also.  We decided to bribe the kids with one gummy bear for every lap they run.  For the kids who like charts, numbers and a little competition like my oldest son Lukas, Becky created a big poster.  Each time the kids finished a lap, they added a tally to the chart and grabbed a gummy bear.
Our board from week 2.  Each week this board fills up more.

Shortly after the track dates started my friend Kari suggested weekly hikes.  She developed a plan for days, times, and locations.  The first time we met the kids were all so excited that the adults had to speed walk to keep up with them.  What I thought would be a leisurely walk turned out to be power walking coupled with carrying my 30+ pound toddler uphill.
A group pic from our first summer hike

I love that this can be so easily replicated whether it’s with your kids’ classmates, your Bible study, book club, play group...the list goes on.  If your kids are in school they’re probably starting to miss some of those buddies they haven’t seen in a while.  Having a weekly opportunity to see friends will be exciting for them.  Also, they may find that tracking their laps is fun and the atmosphere motivating.  An extreme example of this is my seven-year-old son: the first week he ran three miles, the second week he ran five miles, and the third week he ran seven miles!

If you live in the Portland area and would like to join us, email for more information.  

Tell us Sole Sisters: What are you doing to run through life together this summer?


  1. Love the article!!!!!! I might have to become a face book junkie just to read your blog!! So sad that I have to miss our track time this week because of teaching VBS, but I will be back next week with incentives and treats for all the mommies who show up! Love it that I have some new exercise buddies/mommies. It's tough to find these days. Thanks for your running passion and enthusiasm, it's so contagious.
    Becky (running homeschooling mom of 3)

    1. Becky,
      I'm so glad you had the chance to catch up on the blog. You should sign up to follow by email and then you'll get our posts delivered to your inbox. Thanks for getting us moving this summer. We will miss you this week. I too am excited about the new sole sisters I'm meeting. Love you!

  2. Thanks so much to all of you for planning this!
    We hope to see you tomorrow morning at

  3. OH MAN! I wish I would've seen this over the summer! I would have gone for sure! :) My mom's group from church did something similar, but it wasn't for very long, maybe 30-45 minutes :)

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. We'll probably do it again next summer so you'll have to join us then. We're doing another version of it this fall but it's at 2 so that might be tricky with naps/school getting out.