Together...For the School Year

By Carissa

She’s at it again.  My friend Becky, who got a group of us moms and kids moving together this summer, found a way to keep us moving as we transitioned into the school year.  During the summer we met at a track.  This was a great location. We could run or walk, the kids could lap the track or play, and the moms could keep an eye on them.  We knew that as the school year approached we could not continue meeting this way.  The schools would need their track for athletics and we would either be in the way or kicked off.  

Becky was determined to find a way to keep us together.  She solicited feedback from other moms and came up with a great idea.  Becky identified a park that had several walking paths.  The playground has a path surrounding it that we can let the youngest kids lap.  With help they can track their laps by adding a tally to our big poster board Becky brings each week and reward themselves with a gummy bear (big motivator.)  The older kids can run or bike a loop that is a quarter mile long.  The moms can run or walk around the largest loop (just under a mile in length.)  Meanwhile, each mom pitches in a few dollars to pay a babysitter who watches the kids.  Anyone is welcome to join us but Becky has focused on getting the word out to moms at the school our kids attend. 
Becky (in blue) with moms ready for some exercise

These runs have provided a chance for both moms and kids to spend more time together.  While running we have shared about our lives: the day to day surface things and the things that are deep and personal.  We have also prayed together for ourselves and others.  Each week we leave refreshed and thankful for the chance to have exercised TOGETHER.
The kids having fun at the park

How about you?  Might you be the person in your community to encourage others to start and keep moving?  Sometimes the way to make that happen isn’t obvious but Becky has a determined heart.  I am so thankful for her desire to serve and encourage others as evidenced through this.

What about the benefit to our kids?  Not only do they enjoy the fresh air and the physical activities but I am confident we are setting them up for a healthy lifestyle by modeling how we take care of our own bodies.  Someday when they have their own kids they’ll remember that their parents found ways to be active despite busy schedules.

If you live in the Beaverton area and would like to join us at 2:00 on Thursdays send an email to for more information.

How about you Sole Sisters?  What are your ideas for getting moms and kids moving together?


  1. You guys are well organized! This really presents some great ideas for moms looking to get fit and who have the little ones to consider.
    Becky is a blessing! Wish I lived nearer.

    1. I wish you lived nearer too! Do you have friends in town that you could start a group like this with?