Not Wrong, Just Different - Sole Sister Goals for 2013

by Jodi

photo courtesy of Jodi Stilp Photography
beautiful view from Parrett Mountain near Newberg, OR
Photo courtesy of Jodi Stilp Photography
 If you've read our blog even a little it's probably apparent that we approach running from very different perspectives.

Carissa is driven by numbers.  She loves research, training schedules, paces, speed, distances, and anything that can be tracked on her Garmin.  Carissa trains to race.  She always wants to run faster, stronger, and smarter and wouldn't be content with a race if it wasn't a personal record (PR).  Her drive and competitive edge continue to propel her deeper into the racing world and she is becoming very successful.

Tanya runs to stay healthy.  She is quietly competitive - primarily against herself - and processes her running more internally and privately.  She raced several 10k's this year that Carissa and I knew nothing about because she just doesn't tell anyone when she's racing.  Getting a finishing time out of her is like pulling teeth - even though she's very fast - especially at the 10k distance. Tanya does not own a Garmin, has never recorded her splits, and enjoys being surprised at her finishing times at a race. Tanya has battled several persistent injuries this year, but she is committed to staying active and finding joy in exercise even when she isn't able to run.

I (Jodi) fall somewhere in the middle.  I prefer to run for the simple pleasure of feeling the wind on my face and the sweat on my brow, but I am learning to appreciate the speed that comes with following a training schedule.  I love the thrill of racing, but don't like to be tied down to a specific time goal.  I don't like speed work or research, so I rely on Carissa to tell me everything she learns and how fast to run when we're on the same training schedule.   I will choose a tough, quiet climb up a mountain over a flat, fast run through the city nine out of ten times.

Three very different approaches to running and training.  The beauty of it?  None of them are wrong.  They're just different.  Carissa, Tanya and I learn from each other.  We appreciate the varying perspectives we offer and giggle at how vastly different we are.

It's not surprising that our fitness goals for 2013 are also varied.  Carissa's goals are precise, specific, and pace/performance based.  Tanya's list is focused more on general health and mental well being.  My goals are a little vague and somewhat undefined, giving me flexibility to morph with them as the year develops.
Favorite meadow on my mountain run.  And look at that winter sunshine!
Photo courtesy of Jodi Stilp Photography

Tanya's 2013 Goals
  • Continue in Physical Therapy until the reason why I have various body pain and injury most of the time is discovered and corrected.
  • Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Continue to enjoy various types of exercise and maintain motivation just because working up any kind of a sweat daily makes me feel good.
  • Enjoy the company and fellowship of friends and family during fitness activities.
  • Encourage and support others to stay healthy and active.
  • Get outside and enjoy nature as much as possible.
  • Run for the love of running when my body allows.
  • Stay positive and grateful everyday.
Jodi's 2013 Goals
  • Run a marathon with negative splits.  I'd love to kick it the last six miles instead of die a slow, painful death every step of the last 10k.  I'd also love to finish as close to 3:30 as possible.
  • Run a half marathon with my husband.  I know he can cover the distance.  I just have to convince him to want to.
  • Run a 10k with my 10-year-old, determined and competitive daughter.
  • Run a 5k race as a family.
  • Race another half marathon and try to PR.
  • Complete another round of Insanity.
  • Be more consistent with strength training and stretching (yoga).
  • MAYBE (that's a very loose maybe) complete another triathlon.  
  • Continue to take time to see the beauty that abounds and stop to photograph it.
Carissa's 2013 Goals
  • Run Boston Marathon with a target goal of 3:20.
  • Run a fall marathon and set another Personal Record (PR).
  • Break 1:30 in the half marathon.
  • Complete a summer triathlon.
  • Most importantly... the purpose of my running is the joy of running fast, strong, and the pursuit of discovering my unique personal best within the time constraints of my top priority: my family.
cool shadows on a mountain run near Newberg, OR
Photo courtesy of Jodi Stilp Photography

Now you know our goals.  What are yours?  

Running through life.... together,

Tanya, Jodi and Carissa


  1. I am exactly like Carissa and my goals are even really similar. I am always focused on my garmin data from each workout and track and compare my workouts constantly. My main goal is get a marathon PR at some point during the year, but I also want to make up for where I failed in 2012. I had a serious injury that knocked me out for pretty much the entire year.

    1. Sorry about your 2012 injury. It will be fun to see what we can accomplish in 2013! :)

  2. I love reading about all your goals for the year. The fact that we all have different reasons for running and goals is one thing that makes running so much fun. I love meeting other runners and discovering each others' running "histories" and plans for the future. May you all succeed in your goals for 2013 and have a blessed new year!

    1. Thanks for reading our blog and for taking time to offer encouragement. Have fun in 2013 chasing down your fitness goals.

  3. Thank you for your post! It reminds us all that we are unique individuals who run for different reasons :). Sometimes we race and train and forget to remind ourselves why we run!

    Jodi - I loved your photos. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them!

    I, like Carissa, love running fast and meeting new goals. Similar to Tanya and Jodi, I want to continually be a positive person and to stop and smell the roses! I love those garmin-free days. They allow me to enjoy every step of my run rather than worrying about meeting a particular pace. I can stop and enjoy the nature without worrying about taking too much rest between miles.

    For 2013, I would like to try new marathons and half marathons. A run tour. I really like Tanya's goal of being positive and grateful everyday so I am going to borrow that one if you don't mind?;)

    I am looking forward to reading about your 2013 goal-attainment journeys!

    1. Thanks Kelly for taking time to write to us. It will be fun to see how the year unfolds as we all chase down our dreams. Happy running! And happy taking time to be thankful. Be blessed today!

  4. So cool that y'all all have such different approaches to running yet all have high goals for the year!!!

    1. Thanks Kim. I hope you have a good year and are able to achieve some of your fitness goals as well.